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8,49 EUR*
Details Princess Smartypants Breaks the Rules!

Princess Smartypants Breaks the Rules! When the Queen packs off Princess Smartypants to finishing school, it seems that our favourite royal might become a perfect princess after all ...huh, no chance! Instead, Princess Smartypants makes her own school ...

12,99 EUR*
Details Another Word For Thesaurus Becher, Weiß

A thesaurus is a reference book in which words with similar meanings are grouped together. Other words include wordbook, wordfinder, treasury, storehouse, repository. Smartypants, eh?Becher design reads: What's another word for thesaurus?

12,99 EUR*
Details It Was Tense Becher, Weiß

Possibly the best example ever of a really, really tense situation - go on, be a smartypants. Artwork and design copyright Push Merchandising Ltd.Becher design reads: The past, the present and the future walk into a bad. It was tense.

12,99 EUR*
Details Vagueness Becher, Weiß

Ambiguity - What Happens in Vagueness Stays in Vagueness is our new take on the classic Las Vegas motto. Only with our design, you'll be a bit cagey, a bit foggy and well, a more of a smartypants!Becher design reads: Ambiguity, What Happens in ...

10,50 EUR*
Details Collins Student's Dictionary

Collins Student's Dictionary This new colour edition of the Collins Student's Dictionary is specially written for students aged 14+ for use in class and at home and is based on the requirements of the National Curriculum. Full description

12,56 EUR*
Details Oxford Student's Thesaurus

This is the new look contemporary Oxford Student's Thesaurus to accompany the Oxford Student's Dictionary. Each entry is in alphabetical order, with its word class and a broad range of imaginative synonyms with supporting example sentences to help to ...

62,79 EUR*
Details The College Student's Research Companion

The College Student's Research Companion Most students faced with writing a research paper probably start at the same place -- Google. This new, cutting-edge edition of the highly acclaimed College Student's Research Companion is designed to save your ...

21,07 EUR*
Details Equipe Nouvelle: Part 1: Student's Book

Equipe Nouvelle: Part 1: Student's Book Designed to meet the requirements of the MFL Framework. This title is presented in response to suggestions from "Equipe" users. It includes the popular features of the first edition. Full description

13,26 EUR*
Details The College Student's Introduction to Theology

This book provides an introduction to the study of theology and its various methods of investigation. While most theological texts focus on one facet of study, "The College Student's Introduction to Theology" introduces the whole rich and complex area ...